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Writing Serial Fiction In the Real World 2,0

Writing Serial Fiction In the Real World 2.0You’re About to Be Invited to the Toughest Adventure in Your Writing Life.

Many don’t return. Fame and fortune are rare. Challenges may be impossible to solve…

The reason I wrote this for you was because I couldn’t find a decent ebook on Amazon for this subject – writing serial fiction. The two I could find there were pathetic (and if you think this one is another, perhaps you should be writing your own. Jump right in, the water’s fine…)

So I went out on the Internet and assembled all the research I could to see what and how this subject worked, if it did or not.

Then I compared what I’d learned with what I already knew – and wrote it up for you so you could use it.

After that, I spent three years mastering the craft and fine-tuning the publishing methods. Then revised this book to become my Version 2.0

I don’t pretend to know anything about this subject other than what you see here. So there.

I have published a couple hundred books, so I know how to research and edit and publish. Writing is an endless journey that takes you far, but you never see its end. As you apply yourself, as you push your own envelope, then you improve and find more areas to expand into.

Just to be transparent, my work has been in non-fiction (mostly.) And I got back into studying story structure and plotting, etc. Because the better-selling non-fiction works were built on either a narrative, or the “Big Idea” (which is really a collection of short narratives built on the same theme.)

You’ll see later in this book my concept for a business plan you can use. How that will work for you is exactly as you understand what I wrote here, as you understand the authors I quoted and linked to, and as you apply this data to work for your own personal scene.

I think it can be made to work, despite all the naysayers we’ll encounter soon enough.

It’s up to you do decide whether you want to continue on and dive deep into the bottomless pool of your own creativity to surface with new ideas and applications.

Our target is that tiny school of small fish called serials.

Let’s see how they’re biting today…

(From the Introduction)

New in Version 2.0:

  • A definitive guide to the single principle that defines what a cliffhanger is, how to write it, what makes it effective.
  • How to publish wide and increase your book royalty income.
  • A breakdown of why writing short stories is more remunerative than long novels – and how your short story anthologies replace them in your sales.
  • How to learn writing story craft by dissecting popular TV series.

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