Monday, July 25, 2005

Ouroboros - the beginning and end join

Like the old legend of the universe as a gigantic snake eating its own tail, so my research into whole systems has no real end or beginning - just ongoing revelations.

Title to the encompassing work which is being written/blogged in scraps: "In Search of Whole Systems; a guide to understanding stuff". This work will encompass my existing texts and others still to be written, which are on: Ability, Nature, Ethics/Religion, Economics.

The kicker is that the word "stuff" encompasses both microcosms and macrocosms, all in the same simple theories/patterns described.

The idea is to start small and local, building out on the existing base (me) and getting some works done. I need to get what I've done already worked up and publishes in pre-beta/alpha versions which can then be personally bound and offered for sale. I need only about 5 ISBN's to get started, so that I can sell each individual volume on its own (via Amazon, eBay, et al.) and meanwhile, sell these via my own website and personally.

At least the importances have begun to fall out. Instead of buying that bigger plotter, I'll settle for a duplexing b/w laser and a binding system so that I can start publishing my own books.

Format will be a workbook set up, written originally in html so that I can publish in various other formats (via Open Office to PDF or to the printed page). These workbooks have probably a 60% margin over to the right, leaving the left-hand column available for notes. (While this is left-hand-centric, the published version would probably put the written stuff to the inside, leaving ample margins on the outside for notes. That is why these are called workbooks. Illustrations and my own notes/links would be placed to the outside where they aren't kept in-line with the text.

This, then, gives me some central point to my work. The book, which describes the underlying systems research I've been doing, is the keystone in the arch of my life's work. All the artwork and other work is simply supportive to this. Artwork (and any dayjobs) should keep me flush until my the books can generate enough income to finance my researches.

But at least I have the point of my work and the underlying priorities.


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