Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What use is power if you don't use it?

There is an apparently unlimited Human imagination, so there is no practical limit to what can be accomplished through self-determined vision and real application to gain and utilize resources, so achieving it.

But the point is to confront what one is accomplishing and see that the basic tenets are sound.

One person I knew limited himself only because he had a personal affirmation that he was more powerful than anyone else. However, this is limiting to those around one and so has an end. He also explained the Golden Rule in terms of how one's personal agreements and decisions actually made it work - as opposed to seeing that this was a near universal basic for all of humanity. The result was his ultimate isolation from nearly everyone else and his increasing number of attackers - you see, his basic vision was not an optimal solution and depended on his being more powerful, so anyone attacking him wasn't needful and so had to be brought down. Unfortunately, he tolerated "dirty" tactics, which then got him into more trouble. Also, his approach to handling others included an attitude that he was above the law. So the Law took its chunks from him (like massive IRS suits) when it could.

The Golden Rule and its many variations simply works for all humanoids on this world. If one does bad to others, he/she will recieve bad in return. If one continually seeks to openhandedly improve the lives of those around him, there will be a like return as others do well for him. But the help has to be non-condescending - truly on the basis one would expect he would like to have done to him. That is simply the way it works. Period.

Those who have accumulated vast wealth and power only held onto it if they used it for incredible good. Saints lived long lives as they constantly did good works for others, regardless of their income. Come to think of it, a reason that most multimillionaires became philanthropists later is that so many people have contributed to their prosperity that they are more in debt to others than they could ever repay.

So the consideration of achieving wealth truly has to involve what one is going to do with it and how their world can be improved through reinvesting that money flow and organizing it for the best, most optimal good.

The funny point about analysis is that criminals, and those who start doing bad to others for one reason or another, start working up their life concerns so that they consistently work to make bigger and bigger bad effects - meanwhile others who recieve these effects give less and less help to them. So they have more and more enemies (real or fictitious - since they consider all others are only acting to do them in) and will gather around them and associate only with those who think like they do - and so are also trying to do themselves and everyone else in as quickly as possible.

This is the reason people are removed and remove themselves from society - so that they can protect others from their faulty logic, this solution forced on them by law if they won't do it on their own.

So if one has power and ability, one needs to align your talents to achieving a sky-high goal. For to do less is to waste your life, which you would'nt want others to let you do.

But there is no talent in crime, just insanity.

The solution: reach for - and attain - the stars.

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