Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another "Press only" scandal - Rove, et al.

The Moderate Voice - Rove, Plame and jailed reporters: The controversy grows more boring:

"I'm not sure many people outside the Beltway and polarized activists gives a damn about this entire scandal that somehow involves Karl Rove, Joe Wilson (a very lazy former ambassador) and his wife."

Amen to that. The point is after the endless hours of Kobe Bryant, West Coast wife murderers and pedophiles on trial, Aruba missing blondes and how long the Pope can stay dead - our press simply doesn't get it: they are full of themselves and completely disrelated to the real world.

This is where people as well distrust politicians, who will use these media fascinations to line their own pockets with support. I thought the Democrats might have learned this through the 2004 campaign - ignore the media, they do no good in general. But, no.

Look, figure that the MSM is a gigantic well where shouting down it takes forever to die out. Worst, that same well hasn't been used for years and is stagnant - so moving the fluids down there by shouting at them raises a gawdawful stench. That would probably give you some idea about where this is going.

Until there is significant change in the balanced Senate, nothing the House originates is going to get anywhere. And some of the more senile personages in that Senate are going to make even more rediculous remarks which prove how nuts they are. That is the real story - how long we can keep dinosaurs around which long lost their marbles.

People like Rove are simply side shows. They should be talking about inept Senators who have long out-lived their usefulness, while mounting pork up to get approved under other names.

Get off Rove, the missing Aruba blonde, the child molesting movie stars, the adulterous sports heroes.

MSM: get a life.

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