Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blame the Feds for inaction; typical Post smear-tactics

One thing wrong with this scenario is that it entirely blames Federal government for stupid lapses by local and state government. Missing are the separately reported incidents of Bush asking Blanco to cede control, which she declined for 24 hours. Missing is the fact that it was Federal troops which finally evactuated the Superdome. Missing is the image of the fleets of school and city buses which that Mayor said the Governor didn't release for his use.

This article is very polished in its case to condemn the Feds and still maintain the poor Mayor as a victim. However, he was (like the Governor and FEMA) hoisted by his own petard. The Mayor and Governor each had complete capabilities (or could have taken the initiative to get missing resources) to evacuate those people much earlier - a fact which is well-glossed over by this writer.

The fact is that FEMA has always been an after-the-fact action body. Governors, like Jeb Bush, are the first line of defense and succor. Gov. Bush had four hurricanes in one year, with cut off communities - but the same FEMA head had coordinated with him to handle those scenes with relative success.

In the Katrina disaster, Pres. Bush has his faults, along with FEMA. But this article is another hack job instead of a factual outline. Again, the Post is only considering how to smear the present Administration, cloaking it in "news reporting."

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