Tuesday, September 13, 2005

English as performance art

Back on my college treadmill of papers.

Did I ever mention that English professors speak/write their own dialect of English? People write how they talk. So not every sentence begins properly or ends properly. This professor has taken exception with starting any sentence with "As well,...". Gosh, oh golly jenkins! A tutoring service points out that some of my sentences don't have verbs. Like they all had to. A point that cannot be gotten across otherwise? Sure.

And there's this point of not being able to switch from first to third person in the same paragraph - your point? Did the reader follow it? Yes, except for English purists where all the world is mathematically correct and snow-white.

So I have to re-learn college papers after being away from them for over a year and getting pretty good at writing in general. It's another, strange dialect of English which doesn't survive outside the ivory tower walls of academia. (Sigh.)

Whatever. Do the job the way they want it, suck it up, churn it out. Just life kicking you in the teeth again.

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