Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sorry, Dems, your time has long gone.

Listening to Rush on my podcatcher at the warehouse job tonight. Came across an interesting point - liberals can be converted once they are taught to examine their own reasoning and start thinking for themselves. Rush pointed out that liberals have been brought up on template thinking, that is, there are ready solutions to any argument they are faced with. (And if they don't know the answer, then they attack ad hominem.)

But solving these problem liberals is best done not antagonistically (which might be good for Ann Coulter's TV ratings and book sales, but in real life...) - rather they have to be carefully listened to, acknowledged and then given another point to chew on. As their rants run down, give them another simple and logical datum. Encourage them to reason out what they are talking about, to find the reason for their position.

Once liberals begin to think for themselves instead of swallowing data wholesale, then they will be able to refute or defend logically. Which brings them into the mainstream middle (which is being called conservative, quite incorrectly).

The reason for liberals is that there is some basis for emotive thinking, or thinking with the heart on one's sleeve. People are human and have emotions. Mostly emotions are a sudden rush when faced with a real emergency from not having prepared for a given set up circumstances beforehand. Emotional outbursts typically mean the person hasn't figured this type of scene out in advance.

Some people are able to use these emotional outbursts to control people around them. Spoiled children are good at this, as well some dictators. In both cases, one has to calmly listen to that person and bring them around with rational thought (sometimes preceded by a swat on the behind to get their attention). Comparing the current tyrant of North Korea with a spoiled child is pretty accurate - however, letting such tyrants continue is pretty inhumane.

A Cato institute mailing brought home the point that having people examine the differences between North and South Korea will usually bring home the point that a democratic government would be a better solution than the Communist tyranny of the North. This is an example of why conservatives are so "down" on Communism, Socialism, etc. Logically, they don't make sense and empirically they don't make good economic governments.

Biggest problem our nation had was FDR and his socialist/elitist views of the world. We are only now coming out from under all his inane social programs. Welfare failed, Social Security failed, his farm subsidies are failing, his work at socializing Europe as Truman carried on after, has failed. France is one of the worst example of how a country can go wrong philosophically. But this is their road to hoe.

What will win and continues to win is free enterprise/trade. Globalization is a fact. It is raising international standards of living as it continues. True democracies don't go to war with each other. Nations which have McDonald's don't go to war with each other. Commonalities such as communication and free information exchange can intercede when tyrants are hell bent on destroying each other. Right now, we are still very much concerned with those countries which are out of the global loop. Islamofascism can be simply viewed as a death throe of those outside the loop. We just need to put a face and name on the enemy we are at war with and then we can make progress at defeating them. And after that, start moving all the governments toward democratic reform and away from tyrannies.

But I've digressed quite a bit from the first point of this.

Dems think as liberals and have been using payola to get votes. Practically, the only thing they get is more slavery with those concepts. Most of the poor kept on the plantation in New Orleans by the Democratic majority have left and like this concept of being able to get jobs in other (Red county) areas which need their help - unlike N.O., which was apparently some 50% unemployed and on the dole, living from one monthly handout to the next. And so the drug use/abuse, the degradation of the city into filth, and the high number of victims who couldn't ostensibly fend for themselves. San Francisco is another liberal failure.

Liberalism is retarded thinking. It doesn't work and has been compared to a mental disease by Savage and Boortz. People are kept poor by their own choices, nothing else. However, there is a cure. Give these mentally challenged people a good example, don't put them on the defensive - but give them calm data to consider and try to refute. Help them out.

That is really why you won't see this Administration treat the press or Dems poorly. They know that for all the ranting which the Dems and MSM can generate, it isn't particularly a personal attack. They just haven't been challenged to think and have been able to misbehave like spoiled children. With the New Media, we have people who can back up their thoughts and logic. With bloggers, we have independent research which can fact check any statement uttered - and the bloggers correct and cross check themselves to boot.

Thus, it is only a matter of time that many of these liberal/socialist/tyrannical/terrorist actions will fail and be converted to the mainstream (conservatism). Logically, the argument will then be between an informed mainstream which takes its own conditions seriously, as well as the responsibility for their personal actions.

Then this planet can know some peace and the beginnings of a Golden Age.

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