Monday, September 19, 2005

An inverse to the Golden Rule

Listening to a talk-radio host, I was reminded of an old philosophic point - which is actually rooted in some pretty straightforward logic and empirically verified observation.

No other person can have an effect on you without your permission and cooperation. While disasters and crime can happen, one puts oneself into the position where such personal violation can happen - it's again a personal choice. But any emotional reaction is just that: a re-action. Your emotions are completely under your control (while this does take some discipline at times to achieve). Anyone trying to get a "rise" out of you can only do so if you give in and create that emotive flush they desire. But it is you that is creating the emotional attitude.

Sorting out your life analytically would then show that living constantly with a cheerful aspect makes for a longer lifespan and fewer health problems. Following the Golden Rule would then point to making others happy constantly, which would return to you. All the "saintly" qualities of living could be any person's to achieve, with some diligent work at it.

Lower emotions, such as grief, anger, fear, apathy, etc. - these are able to be dealt with directly to raise one's own emotional attitude by direct use of smiling and laughing. Once that higher tone is achieved, then one can analytically sort through the problem which initially "caused" that lower emotional attitude, along with the habitual emotive actions which "predicted" your emotional outburst.

So no person need be faced with some sort of mis-emotional scene in his/her life, and can factually live a very pleasant life all around. Each person has his/her own balance to achieve in this regard, but I just point out that it is possible.

The better one treats oneself, the higher quality of life can be achieved, both personally and for others in one's sphere of influence.

Good Hunting.

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