Thursday, September 29, 2005

Local New Orleans Officials reponsible for most of death, destruction and looting - per reports by MSM

Mayor Ray Nagin said over 10,000 people would be found dead due to the flooding - as reported by the Cable News Networks.

Police Chief Compass said there were rapes of children at the superdome - as forwarded by MSM as well.

Now the WSJ says the bulk of the looting was done by officials in the mayor's office and police.

Yeah, we can really believe them this time.

Egg on the face, aka Stuck on Stupid. - Misinformation Slowed Federal Response to Katrina:

"But some of the most spectacular looting -- the sacking of the Wal-Mart in the lower Garden District and the summary emptying of the Office Depot Uptown, appear to have been initiated not by organized bands of thieves but police and City Hall bureaucrats intent on securing supplies."

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