Sunday, October 02, 2005

Corn to Fuel - recipe

This page has complete and exact details on how to create alcohol from corn. The trick is to use the alcohol to heat the mash and also to run the engine to mix the brew - taking it completely off the grid. Solar power distills the brew, so just take the result and burn it to heat the next batch - similar to using starter yeast from the last batch. By the way, anyone with a backyard (and government permits) could make a tidy little distiller's grain producer and income on the side...

Alcohol Fuel Manual Ch8-10:

"Grains must be milled, diluted, cooked, and converted prior to fermentation. However, they contain large amounts of potentially fermentable material. The average content of convertible starch and sugar in some typical grains are: barley, 50%; maize (indian corn), 66%; oats, 50%; rye, 59%; sorghum seed, 67%; and wheat, 65%. Alcohol yield per ton is dependent on how completely the starches are converted to fermentable sugar, but should be between 70-100 gallons."

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