Sunday, October 02, 2005

More evidence of how energy independent farming can make us

Here you go: jump through some red tape and set up your system to make higher quality cattle feed while creating alcohol to run your engines with. All it takes is some corn (or most anything with starch/sugar), some yeast and water - plus a solar still. Covered in this article is that an engine can run on straight 70-proof alchohol without mixing it with any crude oil product. Start it with a little gasoline, then shift over to your straight corn brew.

Forget "Peak Oil". Simply drop the restrictions on ag-related alcohol production, et al.

Lance Crombie - Energy Self-Sufficiency Now!:

"The recognition of fuel alcohol as a viable energy source would be an event equal in importance to the discovery that soybeans can be crushed to produce soy meal and soy oil. Prior to that breakthrough in 1940, soybean farmers grew their crops for hay alone. But, largely as a result of the increase from one possible soy product to three, the acreage planted in this crop rose from 4 million acres in 1940 to over 60 million in 1978! And what soy meal and soy oil did for the soybean, alcohol and DDGS feed can do for our starch grains."

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