Monday, November 28, 2005

Real New Thought

Looks like my work in studying Dyer ( and others, such as Silva ( -- via my p2p client and listening to these as podcasts on my part-time warehouse day job -- is bringing new truth to the surface.

The problem with our objective, materialistic training is that it little lets us cope with the spiritual which is all around us. Dyer has been studying this stuff for most of his lifetime and gives incredible insight to reconciling the two. I hope to add my own broad shoulders to the effort, such that others can stand on them to view better (as Newton mused).

I saw today that combining meditation (to control the raging thoughts which rampage through most of our over-active minds) with our objective studies, particularly in agile project management work, would accomplish more within any individual or corporation than is possible with the best education that can be bought these days.

The secret is that pure objective studies won't achieve the needed result. On a recent televised interview, famed academic Thomas Sowell ( mentioned that conservatism is dour on the future, that conservative authors only tell that people have choices between the worst options. Conservatives are not optimistic in their logic. Rush Limbaugh ( might disagree with this option. Sowell is merely pointing out that our best minds (liberals are not among them, at least by result) can only hit the softer of several brick walls in their studies to improve things.

What is needed is the spiritual core behind the objective tools in order to make the whole thing work.

I've previously covered how the Golden Rule is applicable economically and socially. Now I see that with inherent spiritual guidence, this becomes a key tool in solving personal (microcosm) and global (macrocosm) problems and situations. One can analytically look at this and empirically resolve that treating others fairly, according to one's own ideas of what is fair, gets one treated more fairly in return. According to the Bible and Wicca writings, this comes back to you ten-fold (odd coincidence, that, eh?).

While this could evolve your ideas of fairness to factually result in your sainthood, this may or may not create anything planet-shaking in consequence. However, if one can master and discipline one's own random thoughts toward a known goal, it is entirely possible to literally move mountains through one's own efforts.

The trick is to gain certainty on one's own intuition and employ these to manifest one's own goals. Of course this is a simple explanation and there is much more to it. Right now, the key point is to get a couple sets of Dyer recordings: "Manifesting Your Destiny" and "Power of Intention". Then you study some interesting things like Huna, as found in "Mastering Your Hidden Self" by Serge Kahili King and also the Silva Ultra-Mind lectures. Once you find all these tools and understand them, then all is open to an individual to achieve. Nothing is particularly hidden or impossible after that point. Another set of recordings to get are Tad James' on Huna, particularly the second, eighth and fifteenth. These point out that people can achieve and affect anyone else on this planet at will.

The underlying catch is again this Golden Rule and its mathematical certitude. Try hurting someone else and that hurt comes back to you ten-fold. Use these talents for simple amuzement and they simply disappear. But use them for good, to accoumplish both what you and your concept of God agree with and there is nothing that can stand in your way - you will live an incredible life and manifest everything you could possibly need or require.

There is a new type of world coming. And it is being accomplished by those who simply work simply, those who stay true to their own faith and abilities. It probably won't be our own corporate leaders and politicians. Their worlds are too complicated and full of compromise. One has to be true to one self and to one's concept and communication with God.

If all this talk turns you off, then fine. There is plenty to keep you amused in this Information Age of over-fill.

But if these references tweak something in you, then chase that dream of yours and fulfill your destiny. I'll be more than happy to talk with you - just comment on this blog and I'll get it right off (thanks to spammers, this is probably one of the more sensible ways to approach this).

But your world is open to change.

You just have to be willing to look and be open to change within yourself.


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