Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Television Revolution

The Television Revolution is at the Gates

This summer, Universal did something kind of weird: It released Serenity, a sci-fi movie based on a poorly rated TV show, Firefly, that had been canceled after eleven episodes. Making movies of hit TV shows has a self-explanatory logic, but there aren’t too many movies based on TV flops. But I saw Serenity and liked it a lot, so I went out and bought the entire run of the Firefly TV series on DVD, watched it, and liked it a lot as well.

Great stuff. Let the RIAA, et al. place this where they can reflect on it. Good work always has an audience, like the continuing Star Trek franchise. But you won't get your money from enforcing vertical silos of entertainment or keeping copies from floating around. Better is to offer the best possible value, which always attracts investments and payments. Basic rule of economy.

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