Monday, November 06, 2006

Remote publishers and remote book agents - winds of change.

Here's an agent I'll be pursuing, but the more interesting point is that book agents can make a long living miles from the New York marketplace. POD publishers and remote agents mean the Long Tail can more readily service it's niche markets.

Publishers Marketplace: Judy Klein: "
Judy Klein
Kleinworks Agency

2814 Brooks Street, #635, Missoula, MT 59801

Located in lovely Montana, the Kleinworks Agency may be far geographically from the red-hot center of New York publishing, but our credentials and connections keep us close to New York's best publishers and editors.

Publishing veteran Judy Klein’s two decades of book experience, her intimate knowledge of the industry, and her expertise in domestic and international negotiations provides her clients with an edge in getting their books published well. It allows her to make not only the best deals, but the right deals.

Kleinworks offers dedicated services as literary agents and as consultants to a select group of writers and publishers. The client list is kept small so that we may guarantee you our spirited and undivided attention.

We’ll entertain submissions in many areas of fiction and non-fiction but we can’t predict what we'll want to pursue."
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