Saturday, June 30, 2007

If you thought keeping up with me earlier was an interesting job...

The deal is that I blog to keep my sanity instead of bottling everything up inside. It's my outlet to the world that you share.

At the end of any given year, you'd be able to "blook" a new book from at least "A Modern View" as well as this "Midwest Journal". However, as part of marketing and research, I've just started two new blogs, "The Internet Millionaire Plan" and "Learning to use the Law of Attraction".

Reason being is that these last two are going to create books in themselves as they define Internet Marketing and also create lessons for courses in the Law of Attraction.

Very practically, I had to learn how to market - and not the Madison Avenue version, but the stuff which is actually being used out there. Because I've published all these books while searching for a common underlying system of philosophy. I originally thought that only a single book would do in this area - but this became four. And then when I saw three factors merge (that many of these books I'd used for research reference were in the public domain, that as such they weren't readily available for study - or formatted poorly, that Lulu makes it incredibly easy to re-publish books via POD), I began to create a research reference library of books.

During this time, Rhonda Byrne came out with "The Secret" and I found that most of the authors I had been studying embraced this concept as a basic one - either in the writings I had quoted or others. And while I had begun to study marketing as its own subject (as practical need arose to learn how to make these truths I'd found widely available to readers), this created its own experiment in the Law of Attraction Classics Series.

Not so surprisingly, offering these books to the public in a format and price which they found valuable led to initial sales - without real testing of keywords, or sales pages, or any advertising. For I was bringing to life works which had been previously established in the marketplace - just offering them in a new format to an audience who perhaps had heard of them but never in this light.

The continuing point of my own research has been to improve the rural quality of life.

In this, I'd earlier published a set of white papers isolating broadband as key.

The last of these three pointed out that due to the interconnectedness of the Internet, a person in one remote location could make a comfortable living without having to accept locally low wages doing relatively untrained labor (something the Midwest has become renown for - now factories and warehouses are being set in areas where there are sufficient bodies to work for them, not due to the skill of their workforce.) This is just an extension of the same economics which puts "sweat shops" in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, and others. (Although Mexico screwed up its sweet scene years ago through its inability to produce a stable internal economy and so now floods its workers north to create around half of its GDP by working at jobs in the U.S.)

The key point to individual quality of life was then to be able to have one or several Internet-based production lines - which operate dependent on the Internet, but practically independent of any local, state, or national economics.

(You can see in this that I'm working to get this across succinctly as possible, but I've had to stray into near-Academic couching to do so. Sorry.)

So I wanted to make a living without having to do wage-slave-labor.

Meant I had to do it independent of existing and local jobs. Meant I had to become self-employed. Meant I had to learn marketing as it was done on the Internet. Means I had to keep up with what is happening. Means I had to choose my areas so they were philosophically-based, rather than just following trends and fads.

And so: two studies and book(lines) emerged.

They are different approaches to the same problem.

In the Law of Attraction Classics Series, I've already published the books and am using modern marketing techniques to popularize and sell classic works which are around 80 - 100 or more years old. (Some are merely 50 years old.)

In the Internet Millionaire Plan, I'm writing this book as I publish my findings to the world - asking the Internet community to help proof and edit this work as I go.

Both will use the most modern techniques I've come up with - the ones which have proved effective, not the ones which traditionally have held sway in Academia and on Madison Avenue.

Because the world is changing and the old becomes new - or reinvents itself in trying.

Now as I write the above books and done that research, I've published other blogs. Two could become blooks in their own right as I separated the practical from the more philosophical. And interestingly, they'd be offered to those same two current lines of marketing.

I wrote about philosophy as I searched for a common underlying system. I wrote about those authors whose shoulders I stand on in order to see more clearly. I wrote about the very practical aspects of making a living while doing this research. I wrote about researching down the very nuts-and-bolts route of marketing - even though what I was marketing was philosophic classics.

And in doing so, I seek to prove that anyone can make a very substantial living applying what I have researched.

Thus, I have backed myself into a corner and have to now become both rich and famous. And the odd part is that I really want neither. So you can count on my fortune being spent on non-profit activities (like my book income is being set up to fund a non-profit organization) and my fame - well, I'll give it up just as soon as I no longer have to be in any public spotlight to make enough money to maintain my research (a personal tipping point).

But right now, I don't see that I can spout off words which aren't backed up in fact.

So count on me achieving both of these and as well blazing the trail for others to follow, leaving a "bridge across the chasm" which others can widen and smooth.

In doing so, this predicts more "blooks" to arrive on the scene.

Should be an interesting set of research...

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