Saturday, June 30, 2007

Let Squidoo the heavy lifting

Another brilliant flash - connect Lulu to Squidoo. Lulu give you only 2048 characters to describe your product. And this is supposed to sell your customer? They do have a preview function, much as Amazon and Google Books do. So that's something.

But the key point to send potential customers to a sales page where they can get all the data they want. And the object of your autoresponder follow-up emails campaign is to move them to your sales page.

The sales page is usually hosted on a server, right next to your squeeze page. This is great for affiliate programs - and required - but what if we supercharged that sales page with its own search, plus hot-links to all sorts of data (like Lulu's preview above) and also video excerpts? And functions like tell-a-friend and ratings?

That flash above is simple: host your sales page on Squidoo. I've already mentioned that you should make a lens for each of your books. But you already have a short teaser on your Lulu page - what about making this lens everything and the kitchen sink in terms of data a person would want to have in order to buy the book?
  • You link in your newsletter
  • and a free ecourse
  • and maybe one or several special reports based on the book.
  • Link to the preview.
  • Link you your blogs on the subject - even specific posts which give details not in the book.
  • Link to a bio page which tells the whole story about you...
And all of these link right back to both Lulu and your Squdoo lens so they can find their way back - and all of these tell them to buy your book.

Several times through the body, they are given the opportunity to do so - just like your sales page.

But the wealth of data available - and the volume of bandwidth you can work with (on someone else's dime) enables you to link to relevant YouTube videos (which you can create and post yourself), Google Maps, and so on...

These steps are them simple:

1. By any legitimate means, capture their email address.
2. Qualify and pre-sell these viewers on your product.
3. Send to your sales page on Squidoo.
4. They then go to Lulu to buy.
5. The cycle continues to repeat as you offer them more products as part of your mailing list.
6. Since all your products are the highest quality, they continue to buy until you sell them everything you published - and they get an email when you publish anything new and buy that, too.

Seems pretty simple. Ok, let's fire up our autoresponders and get going....

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