Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Looks like inertia is the biggest hurdle

Finally getting through the tutorial on my autoresponder. This explains a great deal of questions I had generated earlier through trying to bull my way through.

You can tell these guys have been at it for awhile. Clean, clear and simple.

But that is exactly why I say to hire a service and don't try to do this in-house. They run all the interference with the CAN-Spam law and help you to simply keep your attention on your real work - finding potential customers and delivering top-notch quality services to them.

I can see that I have quite a bit of customization to do, since the default gives ads to my A/R service everytime the viewer turns around.

As a note - ignore the pop-ups and pop-overs they offer. If you don't like these, don't subject your viewer to them. Sure I subscribed to one site this way - but every single page of their site has these popovers. So I'm subjected to that same ecourse request forever. Like someone mispronouncing your name every single time they talk to you.

These guys do allow you to import mailing lists, so you can annoy your friends or use rented lists to generate immediate income. Remember, about 3-4% will buy nearly anything and everything. This is inefficient, as listbuilding through article marketing is a better scene - it delivers interested subcribers which are already motivated.

Another point is that this A/R business allows you to purchase adspace from them - in order to selectively offer your list to people in their database who have "expressed interest in lists similar to yours".

You then have all the options necessary to go full-tilt boogie on keywords, rented lists, advertizing and all the other inefficient ways to earn money through the web.

For me, I'm going the cheaper and more efficient (if longer) route of article marketing to build my lists (plus some others).

- - - -

You'll shortly be able to view this progress through an upcoming blook "The Internet Millionaire Plan" - which will be blogged first and then converted to a book as I get it finished.

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