Thursday, June 28, 2007

Market your books through Squidoo

This is short, due to other research I'm working on.

There is a key, mostly underlooked way to promote every book you publish - make a Squidoo lens out of it.

See Squidoo for details.

Apparently, Squidoo is very, very popular with Google - so this increases your chance of being found through search engines.

Of course, your blogs need to link to both your Lulu content link and also your Squidoo page.

And every Squidoo page needs to have a link to a squeeze page so you can capture e-mail addresses.

Then your autoreponder series takes over.

Now, this will take some more research to blend this in with other marketing actions which prove successful in general. But it looks quite promising.

Here's what Squidoo Lens I've made:

Go Thunk Yourself, Again! - Speed up your thinking, Sort out your life.
You have within you all the capability for happiness, power, success, becoming rich and famous. The only true limits to your achievements is within you. The trick is figuring out how to release these capabilities and make it all happen. In Go Thunk Y...
Go Thunk Yourself(TM) - Become Rich, Famous, A Success!
“God helps them who help themselves.” Benjamin Franklin – The Way to Wealth Nothing is achieved without investment; there are no free rides, free lunches or lottery winnings without something being done or given in advance or in ret...
Self-publishing yourself to fame and glory!
I've been publishing my own books for, well, months. So far, I've published around 30 books, many of them alternate versions of the main books in the Go Thunk Yourself! Series. Others are public domain books which are referenced in this series - but...
Go Thunk Yourself, S'More! - Get the life you've always dreamed about!
What this book is going to cover – and what you CAN get out of this book. The world around you is exactly what you think it is. Another way to put this: you have thought everything around you into its current existence. And hello to you, too! The...

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Marti said...

Hi there! I have several Squidoo lenses, and I think you might find these helpful:
Book Squid

The S List

Best wishes to you!

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