Friday, July 06, 2007

Beginning with radio - via podcast

I haven't written/blogged much about radio, essentially as I haven't been there or done that.

It is, however, one of the most powerful mediums to market your books or products.

There is a short stack of items I've printed off, ready to digest and distill for your use. As I get through the article marketing work I'm currently doing (as I "eat my own dog food"), I'll be getting to this.

However, a comment on one of my blogs pointed to, where you can easily set up and record your own podcast - which is a good baby step into the radio business. It looks to be made very, very simple and something you can do with no real experience.

I've got a mike and a soundcard which will take it, so this looks to be a test in the offing.

For now, this is only a record of note.

BTW, the comment mentioned, which puts you directly into their TalkShoe page. And the recordings I've listened to so far are well worth it - and something I've been looking for to replace those worn MP3's I've been listening to so much. (I've tired of anything TV years ago, but will turn that on to have something in the background - instrumental music would be better, but I'll take scintillating discussion like the Focus Society above any day of the week.)

The core of doing podcasts is to enable you to find your voice and get familiar with this medium. Then you can link your media releases to that, so potential radio stations can hear your voice and also what subject matter you are talking about.

That would make this so easy for you to do this is a godsend.

More on radio and podcasting later - check out TalkShoe and Focus Society today, though...

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