Monday, July 09, 2007

Write articles through reviews - much easier inspiration

Here's a simple way to get plenty of material for articles:

Review some of these pieces on email marketing.

First, the term "review" is a high-ranking Google Trends term.

Second, you can get your opinion off your mind. (Such as: I just found someone recommending autoresponders which were all affiliate-based, not performance/features-based. Jeez! Caveat emptor.)

You can (regardless of some authors' opinions) make this a series of articles if your review starts getting too long. Or you could break it up by chapters - "Review of Auto-sequential Magic Revealed - Chapter One: 'Why Bother?' "

Means you still test for an original title before you start a series.

Means you still have all the factually successful tactics in place for article marketing.

Still means you post it anywhere and everywhere you can.

But it's another way to write articles without squeezing your brain to a thin paste over "what do I write today?"

The reason it's easier inspiration is that after you've bulled through several of these, you start having an opinion for yourself of what works and what's hype. It's that opinion that make the whole thing easy. If it's great advice, say so. If it's bull, say so.

And guess what - if that ebook is any good, your article will come up high when people are looking for that ebook online, simply because you repeat the title in your article.

The biggest win, though, is that you get to vent on someone else's BS - as well as praise the great stuff they have done. (Means you've just given them a free testamonial.)

(And if you wanted to do it big time - make a Squidoo Lens out of the series, as well as all those articles...)

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