Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For published authors, the tricks to getting noticed (and sold) are the same

This page has some good advice overall. The summary:

  • Use keywords (but she only tells you to buy her special report to find out how).
  • Write articles - but she doesn't say where to post them, only diverges to talk about blogs
  • Get incoming links through article marketing - but again drops the ball on how to do this.
  • Put up a page for the press - so they can find out about you, download high-resolution photos, etc. (Here is where you'd sign them up for a newsletter about your book...)
  • Discover indirect sales. Her example is selling to people who know wannabe authors.

Of course, this is an invitation to visit her page for yourself. It's a good start - and she figures you are going to buy her special report to "optimize" your marketing.

But then, if you've been reading this blog (or want to search it now) you can find most of the above points already covered.

Publishing Basics… for the self publisher » Get More Attention For Your Website: Search Engine Optimization Strategies: "One of the most common laments in the business world is, “But now that I have a website for my book/business, how do I get people to find it?” Putting up the website is only half the battle; unless people are able to find it, you won’t be improving your business. Using ‘normal people’ techniques (as opposed to computer science tricks) here’s how to fly to the top of the search engines—and stay there:"

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