Monday, July 16, 2007

Here's how you get 64% of the article market traffic

Just found this guy Jack Humphrey. Seems to know his stuff.

Remember the Pereto Principle? 80% of your income comes from 20% of your subscribers. Means (if you take it on out a step) that about 64% of your income comes from 4% of your subscribers.

Now, given that there are maybe 500 article directories, around 20 article directories will give you the biggest bulk of returns for your article submission efforts. After all, your time is very valuable.

I've included the links (although not "hot") for your use. They are live on his site - but the cut and paste into "Blog This" doesn't capture the links.

Top 21: The Best Article Directory List:

Article directories are a dime a dozen. If you are going to do it the hard way, meaning you'd rather submit one at a time and not use the best article syndication service I have ever used, then focus on submitting your articles to the top 21 article directories below.

You won't benefit from the long tail effect of submitting to the other article directories available, but you will at least hit the big ones with the highest Alexa and Google rankings.

1. EzineArticles

2. GoArticles

3. WebProNews

4. ArticleDashboard

5. SearchWarp

6. PubsACS

7. ArticleBase

8. Isnare

9. Buzzle

10. ArticleCity

11. IdeaMarketers

12. Site Reference

13. Article Alley

14. Web Source

15. Amazines

16. Submit Your Article

17. TheWhir

18. Excellent Guide

19. Directory Gold

20. Articles Factory

21. Content Desk"

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