Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Limiitations of article submission programs

I've recently invested time (and some money) into reviewing several article submission programs. Now what these programs are missing is the capability to switch between marketing campaigns.

The better article directories allow you to have several different profiles to "sign off" with. So these would each link to their own opt-in page.

But these programs only give you one "bio" to use.

Now I told you recently how I had screwed up by using an email address to sign up for these various email directories and then not answering them right away. While I still have my original accounts I had earlier signed up with, these later submissions have pretty much fouled that address' use.

I've a solution, as I use a new program, I got myself a new address and will be using that program to submit a certain type of email (hard-nosed marketing stuff) while my other program will put out my philosophical stuff (Law of Attraction and what-not).

Another interesting test is that this first program is doing the "bulk" approach of getting few out to many, while the other program will be getting many out to few - the few being the top article directories.

I've gotten myself into a real fix now, since I'm going to be building and maintaining several A/R series and flooding traffic into each. (Meanwhile this week I'm commuting to a county fair where I'm doing caricatures.)

Should be interesting. At least I found time to blog today...

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