Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Links to find out how to optimize your search terms

Funny how this blog is being the preview for the Internet Millionaire Plan blook. I'm posting the rougher research here and will then post the cleaner copy (to ultimately make it into the book) there.

Here's some links to figure out what to call things. Not so surprising, they are mostly all from Google:

  • Google Adwords - figure out your PPC clicks, or find out what other people think is valuable enough to pay for.
  • Online Key Research Tool - a nice script which figures out keywords for you and then makes downloadable CSV files (of course you can buy and install this script on your own server...)
  • Google Trends - find how your keywords and phrases match up to others (Did you know that the news has different values for the same keywords? Useful for press releases.)
  • Google Sets - great brainstorm tool. This gives you more associated terms with your keywords.
Thought I'd tell you about them before I get into other stuff. I've been playing with them recently and found some interesting and useful data ("online" is way above "Internet", "money" is way above wealth or even "millionaire" as single terms. That online key research tool also gives you the top 300,000 terms, all ranked for your use. You'll find millionaire in various phrases, but not singly. (And you can find which stars are more popular by search term than others...)

I've covered otherwise and will cover again, that the current advertizing scene is mostly an addictive sham which gets you buying and buying more and more advertizing. The truth is in the numbers, meaning that a percentage of people you contact will buy just about anything. And so advertizing says they get your name/product in front of more eyeballs - however, you can do the same thing yourself.

When you find top search terms, you are sampling the way people currently associate what they want with how to find it. You can use these search terms all you want in your articles and titles without having to advertize with them. And if you simply repeat a phrase enough, on article after article and page after page, you will get the top ranking for that phrase. (Check out "Go Thunk Yourself" and you'll see what I mean.)

Then you start a separate campaign, like on the radio and through press releases, to get wider exposure. When you then use these phrases in your interviews and articles, people will search out your specialized term as they now associate it with something they want or need to improve their life. And if they find what they think they are looking for, they'll buy it. If you really do deliver what they need, they'll keep coming back for more. Successful writers (King, Dyer, Covey) all do this modernly. Authors like Wattles, long dead, still make people money today who republish their (now public domain) books.

But that's enough theory for today. Play around with the above gimcracks and leave a comment if you felt this post was useful.

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