Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Now who do you trust in the Beltway?

This is really the only key point about that election:

The Immigration Revolt Was Bipartisan - Yahoo! News: "But, the 2006 sweep wasn't necessarily the result of a public decision that the Republican worldview was wrong. Rather it was the public's judgment about competence, reflecting popular frustration with the bogged-down war in Iraq, Republican congressional scandals and profligate spending."

I recently heard one talking-head analyst say something pretty interesting: they voted in change and that didn't work, so they are going to keep voting until something changes.

Congress getting nothing done is good for neither party. And because the Dem's have reneged on pork reform and ethics reform, they are no better than those they replaced. But these two megaliths have ensured that independents have a very hard time getting elected.

I hope to get some T-shirts up soon that say " '08: Vote the Bums Out."

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