Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Working on a new article submitter program...

Did a new search for article submitting programs. Found one called "Article Submitter" which seems to be a pretty good setup. I've had it running for some time just signing me up with all the 498 sites it has on record. It does a pretty good job at this, only needing intervention when it occasionally runs into a non-scripted event (like a 404 error or some oddball page returned).

It essentially makes it possible for you to submit to all these Article Dashboard sites out there. As they all sign up the same, it can be programmed.

Now I don't have much more than just this. But earlier programs have taken me days just to sign up to a couple hundred. And this program is running almost entirely in the background (on it's own screen so I can keep track of it). That's it's beauty - taking the pain out of submitting to these.

Now it doesn't do or some of the other "big names". So I'll use my old program for these (which can only handle a single article at a time). Since there are only some 10 "really big" article directories, I hope to hit these and then let this other program populate the Article Dashboard directories - and so get a lot of back links exceedingly fast each week.

This is a continuing review, so I'll update it as I have more data...

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