Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another day, another pressured schedule

So much for compartmenting my time...

Ok, so I worked late Sunday and up early at it on Monday - which was a physically exhausting day. Now today I had a dental appointment (no work in my farming slot again) and as well had my router quit routing. Helluva time - until I finally got another router working, but this doesn't include all my computers (one is out of the loop and keeps trying to dial up - won't network).

Finally, I got the article submitter running to get up another article. Found I've now been having one a day for the past three days. This means I'm getting inflow from the articles. I haven't worked up to checking out the exact where's these have come from (which would narrow down my directories), as I only have under a dozen on that list now.

My main target - getting a mailing out to my Article Marketer crowd - is held on setting up a bonus to give them. This will be something to chew on - and gets them into my A/R series on this area.

Now, the theory on this crowd is that those who do respond will then be moved into another list which has the harder work in it - and will be rewarded for their honest (and hopefully constructive) criticism which will move this project forward.

Those that only came for the freebies will get a series of stuff to buy which is interesting and valuable.

Those who didn't take the leap will get occasional temptations to buy or otherwise become part of one of my A/R series.

-- At least that's the theory.

But the hard work is getting these products ready and the broadcast messages written.

And, without all the interruptions I've been having (and more on the way this week), I hope to send out that broadcast this next week.

- - - -

As a side-note, it's not all that hard to "brand" PDF's if you can make PDF endpages (with CorelDraw, Photoshop and OpenOffice, it's relatively easy) and then use Adobe Acrobat (full version) to plug these in, as well as objects and headers/footers.

You just have to look for those ebooks/special reports which say you can't change anything at all. Ignore them, but still include them in your package. Otherwise, when you add endpages and don't change the copy, you aren't violating their copyright - which is a right to the content, not the design per se - unless you are changing their graphics, which alters the meanings of their text.

And you certainly, definately are not changing their links - just adding some with your own graphics and text.

The deal is to brand yoruself, your product, and your site. These creations then go viral - due to your efforts, as well as the original author.

These newly branded products also get new life by your packaging.

For instance, I take these products and include them into a package which positions them as "millionaire makers". And that is perhaps a different positioning than they had before.

Through the Online Millionaire Plan, I'm taking 8 different areas of marketing expertise - not just article marketing, but also many other areas. This also includes all the basics of business and of how the Internet operates and why. Even some self-help classics make their appearance (are you really surprised?)

So all of these ebooks and special reports get new life through their positioning.

The authors couldn't be all that testy about new traffic coming their way, could they?

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