Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Realized I was marketing to millionaires - and those who shortly will be

Started doing some research on the basics of becoming a millionaire - the real basics of attitude and strategy.

It hit me that I was really working with a niche here. The term "millionaire", although it doesn't show up high on key words by itself, does have its own niche of users.

If you want to be a millionaire, you start seeking out that keyword in the books and stuff you read and the tapes you listen to.

Online ranks highly, as does plan. So the whole package could become quite a hit - provided it's marketed.

And reading some of my own old stuff told me that datum again - you are market-ing your products. Meaning you are creating a market for your goods.

That is all any business is set to do. The world doesn't "beat a path to your door" because you produce something better than anything else like it. You have to tell your possible buyers that you have a great product and that you have it ready for them to bring into their own lives.

So marketing doesn't ever really quit for a given product. Once you've "saturated" that market, you either expand to take on more market or re-market it to another niche, or extend the brand and cross-sell/upsell your previous customers.

Simple stuff.

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