Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another point to social networking - it spreads

An interesting thing about having Stumbleupon and other social networks as part of your browser, is that you can search for your article and find who has linked to it already.

I searched for one article, to find it has gone viral and was picked up by a site I hadn't submitted to. Not only that, but someone from Singapore had linked it into Stumbleupon.

Did wonders for my morale.

You see, I've found all these article directories which still have my articles as "pending" - so many haven't hit the mainstream yet. However, there are many which have - so I've got some spreading, which is the point of article marketing.

And this arguement about duplicate content is really wasted. When I look up my article, I find that the whole page content is taken into account, not just my article. So there are tons of links out there for my articles.

Now, not all articles go to all directories. A guitar niche direcory might get no articles from me until I post something about music. I just posted an article which had Politics as an applicable category - this got me into many directories I'd never seen the inside of before. And certainly, this will expose many people into politics exposed to the Law of Attraction now.

I was concerned that hitting up these social networks with my own posted stuff would be kinda like spam - you know, all that self-promotion and stuff. But after seeing the above, I'd say, no - this is legitimate marketing, letting people know your product exists. If they don't like it, they can give it a bad review.

The sum and substance - use the hell out of social networking, particularly on the higher Alexa and PageRank sites. Link your individual blog pages and your lenses.

It's all marketing, and all fair game.

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