Tuesday, August 07, 2007

» Articles Directories List: Ordered by Alexa Rating

Below is a list (and you can download his list of over 500 article directories, sorted by alexa number) of article directories.

I'm not too concerned, since I've mostly sorted out my article submitter program.

I get about 40-some directories now, for every article I've submitted and I'm pretty happy with that. I simply stay off sites below PageRank 4.

That gives me pretty much the best of both worlds, hitting the top sites for maximal exposure, plus as many as I can without having to single-task (babysit) the article submission process.

Refound a lens which tells how to get your articles submitted to all Article Dashboard directories. Couldn't get this script to run on its own, or on my own Linux server, so I think I'll follow his step-by-step. He's got a 5K mailing list, so that's a start I'd like to have. (Just have to make time for it...)

» Articles Directories List: Ordered by Alexa Rating

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