Thursday, August 09, 2007

Building a list fast - from other article writers

Working on a new approach, one I said I'd try. This is in setting up my own article directory and then having Article Marketer populate it, along with the emails of the authors.

Essentially, this builds a quick list which I can then market to.

The articles I selected were from those areas I would submit to, and so have a better chance of selling my wares to. As well, part of what I am doing is to get feedback on these products so that I know what people want in a product - I'm going to get these authors to help write my blook. Those that contribute will get free advance versions for critique - and their testimonial will go into the blook - or at least the sales page - along with their link(s).

Now, if you're interested, I'll give you the link to my article directory. You can't get in through just typing in my sitename, and it's not linked. But I'd appreciate all the help I can get in this project. You see, I'm not expecting to make money off that article directory - it's just a means to an end. Also, it gives me quite a bit of reality on what happens with article directory webmasters.

The below excerpt is what I've followed.

There's another article submitter script on this page as well, but my PHP isn't working with that script's database, so mine is down (probably will scrape it off the site and reinstall). The install of the article directory went very well, as well as getting Article Marketer to send me names and articles.

So far, this test is a success.

Super-charging Your Article Directory

A Simple Way To Get Articles And Build Your List!

having set your article directory up you will need some articles! This is quite simple. First download the following script and upload it to the main directory of your article diectory. Articlmarketer Script. Make sure that you unzip the script first and check the "over write" box when you upload it. This script is a modification that will allow you to receive articles from Article Marketer.

The next thing to do is to submit your directory to Article Marketer. You can do that here:

Article Marketer

You should find that your directory will be added to their list for submission within 48 hours. If you click the box to receive all of the articles in their database, you will have well over 2,000 articles sent to you over the next 48 hours. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO GO THROUGH 2000 ARTICLES, ONLY

Not only will you receive all of these articles, you will also receive all of the authors contact details, including their email addresses!

Please be sensible about how often you email your members. I would suggest only once a week, or twice at the most. Also make sure that the terms and conditions of your article site clearly state that by becoming a member, they are agreeing to receive an occasional email.

It is probably better to build up a relationship with your authors before you start to sell to them. Start a newsletter with writing tips, or give away a ebook or two. And make sure that you spend time reviewing their articles for inclusion. try to alternate free giveaway products with paid for ones. this will help to keep them interested in your emails.

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