Friday, August 03, 2007

Now we broach the ClickBank scene - a necessary step to becoming an Online Millionaire

Even before you set up your autoresponder, you need both a PayPal and Clickbank account (or similar versions of each). This is because the reason you are reading this is to satisfy your interest in achieving millionaire status - and that means you are going to have to accept money for your products (their commodity valuable for your unique valuable).

PayPay takes the angst (and expense) out of accepting credit cards. (And you simply do not want the hassle of accepting money orders or checks - and cash if the person is in front of you only.)

Clickbank enables you to offer digital products for sale and to get affiliates to sell your product for you.

This page below is all the nifty things you can do to get all you can out of your Clickbank account.

Mainly, I'm posting this for record. We'll get back to this later when I fully report on how to use it, what to do when and what not. Currently, I'm going though all this myself in order to set up a few sales funnels for the three product lines I have.

More later...

Sell Online: Tools - ClickBank: "Optimize Your Sales With Publisher Tools

ClickBank provides publishers with many useful tools to help you manage your sales stats, confirm orders, optimize sales opportunities, and calculate earnings. Use the tools below to help you earn the most with your ClickBank account."

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