Thursday, August 02, 2007

Going head over heels - or learning to walk before you start to run

The key point in doing anything is to do that thing while you are doing that thing and do nothing else until you get that thing done. Now, this tends to knock out multi-tasking, you might say.

But the key in multi-tasking is to do all the small things connected with the one thing you are trying to get done and not to do two or three other big things at the same time.

By getting the big things done, you get some satisfaction and can move on to the next big thing and not have to rescue the first big thing when it starts to fall down.

Rules on this:
  1. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, but
  2. Don't spread yourself too thin.

OK - how about some concrete examples:

I was trying to get three A/R (autoresponder email) series going at the same time. All were very, very exciting and grabbed my attention three ways from Sunday.

The first A/R series set up pretty easy. But I left it incomplete as I started getting articles going to promote it. Not bad of and by itself, but...

I then got another A/R series (on a different subject area) going without completing the sales funnel for the first - which means additional emails into that series. But instead of completing the first -

I started a third A/R series (related but different area to the above two) - and started getting articles going out for the second.

Whooof. Overwhumped and getting nowhere. Sure, I had articles going out on my article submitter program, but they were for the second A/R series, which was incomplete. The first one, which needed a sales funnel to make money and already had a couple of subscribers, wasn't getting new subscribers through new articles. And just forget the third, which stopped getting attention from me when these other two kept reminding me about what they still needed.

So I cut it back and got back to working on that first A/R series again. This would get my income moving if I did it up well. I can always get tons of ideas for more A/R series. That's no problem - imagination is not my short suit (card playing, not tailored clothing). But I simply need to write these down and remember to get back to them when I am less busy (ha!) or need some additional income sources and can invest the time in getting these done.

The trick with Internet marketing is to get your income sources set up on a semi-automatic basis, so you can then set up more income sources just like them - finally having a variety of income sources which require very little attention compared to a day job, where you have to give them 40 hours (or more) a week to get their product out - and for far less than you're worth.

Here's the plan, then:
  1. Finish up any first product - the one which is most likely to bring you income.
  2. Get this running with little attention required.
  3. Review your next product line and ramp this up - launch it.
  4. Get this running witl little attention required.
  5. Take the next product line... and so on.
At some point, you are going to have to hire/contract someone to take care of the maintenence so that you can now start up new product lines to increase your income even further - or have some spare time so you can enjoy all that money you have flowing in. (Like figuring out what charities you want to support.)

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