Wednesday, August 01, 2007

When you deal with Squidoo, just ignore their numbers

(While this seems a bit stretched to those readers who follow for the ag comments, I hope to get the Online Millionaire Plan blog up and running this next week. I keep finding things to say, that simply should be on that site - but I have to start this properly, as it will be a blook - so has to have a book outline, with TOC that can be linked to the chapters, etc. So I need to finish my outline first...)

As far as Squidoo, just keep building lenses and ignore their numbers. What you are doing is building links which search engines will find.

Yes, you build lenses for your own satisfaction - to have an outlet for all that expertise you've been accumulating for years. So you have to have a bit of a thick skin to see something rated at #37,000 down to #170,000 a few months later.

But then, someone has to be on that long tail, don't we?

I've got a plan now, which will fill up quite a few lenses - every blog on my Law of Attraction blog will then become an article and then become a lens. And with any help, all these lens will be cross linked, as well as the other blogs and books I've made available on this subject. Right now, that looks to be around 20 articles/posts/lenses at this point.

Since I'm the apparent expert on all these author's I've republished, it should flow pretty smoothly.

- - - -

The sequence of turning your blog into an article, into a Squidoo lens:

  1. Write your blog and pour your heart out. Post the dang thing.
  2. Scrape the page and convert to text - if you didn't write it first on a text editor.
  3. Check the blog post's link on Google's KeywordToolExternal - get the keywords
  4. Add these keywords (the one's that apply) to your text article, along with the bio data, title, and summary.
  5. Copy/paste your article into your submitter program and let it roll.
  6. Set up a new lens.
  7. Copy your blog page with all the links as HTML (just copy from the blog page itself and paste).
  8. Add at least three modules to your lens. (Squidoo is hard to work on at this point, since links and other stuff can't be entered as HTML, but only through their -sluggish- GUI Interface.) Amazon and others that pick and fill themselves - as well as Google Blog search can be set up pretty rapidly. (Three modules as this is the minimum Squidoo recently entered to keep some sort of rankings going - their game, their rules.)
  9. Now, link your blog (edit your last entry, or your template) to your lens.
Then repeat from step one.

The idea is that you don't write some silly message which is barely 300 words long (enough to be an article) and that article has some import.

Since I have many varied interests (and ramble on like someone stuck in the desert for 20 years with only cacti and hoot-owls to talk at), this is no particular problem for me.

Other sources say to make 100 or so lenses to make any sort of impact on links - as far as search engines go.

We'll see...

But you can get started with this short series of steps.

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