Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Biggest problem is getting everything that pops into my head done.

Spent the last two days farming and the first helping a family member. At least this is what cut across my slotted time to work in making my online business make me money.

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Got so tired I couldn't even finish that blog post. Went to bed to listen to the Republican debates on Fox and then to sleep.

(Even lost my chain of thought - as the text here is different from the title...)

Today, I'm indoors waiting for the rain to find us. Got everything seeded and ready, now I just need it all rained on to sprout all that great stuff that's waiting...

Got my rain. Not too much. Hope it keeps going with mild sprinklings on and off over the next few days as forecasted...

- - - -

One irritating thing I noticed with my article submitter is because it's based on IE in Windoze, it is relatively insecure. One of these article directories had a direct link to a spyware/virus/trojan thingy which my antivirus and firewall caught - then the program just quit.

Still wish for someone to build it based on Mozilla's engine, that way you could build in all sorts of great plug-ins which would improve performance.

If I find that article directory which did that, I'm going to get it blacklisted...

Great - some sort of screw-ball scene is going on, since that virus infected my article submitter program and it keeps trying to go to some sites: (in an iframe which doesn't show - that site isn't available through, as the bandwidth was exceeded), then, which has ":[" on it. Also, there is a program "umcrufzw.exe" which was trying to access the Internet and act as a server.

It's a version of JS/Psyme - which is linked through ads on some of these article directory sites. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to do something with my Article Submitter program now, as it is stuck in this trojan.

As I suspected, it's in the accompanying files. Sleuth-work continues. It's in an xml file called articles.xml - I've replaced all the other files with earlier versions and only the absence of this one causes the problem to recur. Unfortunately, this holds the records of what site you submitted which article to... I did find that if you are going to run two copies of the same program, just copy "accounts.xml" over to the new program folder and you will save the same set up of article directories (registered/not registered) on the original one.

Back to testing... Well, I don't see the problem in this 1 meg XML file. But simply taking it out of the picture solves the problem. Guess I'll wait for tech support to see if they can help me fix that file. Otherwise, it will be a copy/paste and test scenario until I can find out what was changed. Oops - same problem started up again. Wrong solution. Waiting for tech support and meanwhile back to setting up another submitter (as well as this submitter on a different computer).

Great - it even invested the other (networked) computer. I'm onto getting my spyware programs updated and going for blood on this - meanwhile, just clicking the (annoying) next site button gets around the mess temporarily.

Just a thought - it might have infected my preloaded pages, so I only get it when I access a page I've already "seen" with that JS/Psyme loaded. Nope - it's spread over the network to my other installation. Nice.

Found a great post by the moderator on AVG's Free Forum (,27725,backpage=) - five tools to clean up the whole scene. [Just wished Windoze had programming to handle this like Firefox.]

- - - -

Back to Online Millionaire Plan.

Had this great idea to get people to help - offer a limited-time deal requesting people to help out. Of course, this expands if I put in on the forums above. Means I need to get something ready for them to chew on.

Oddly, this is going to be a paid service, by default. Essentially, so I can strain out the freebie-seekers. But of course I put in the explanations of what is going on.

Another point is to post these on the forums I mentioned in an earlier post. That is another line of prospectsive testers. The key point I want to work is that I get some help in building this blook the way people want it and as a result of their testing.

Probably means I'm going to haunt those forums to get the feedback I'm looking for. Although the idea would be to make a private forum so people can submit their problems and reviews, etc. Again, I'd suggest this on that forum - which would be a better way to find out what I needed to know.

More to this scene (as I can some how get away from the above mess with spyware):
I'll update the main page on so that there are choices and links to everything. Essentially, it will still be a sales page (which I need to write). But a navigation column will enable direct opt-in to the newsletter, as well as a later (free) mini-course.

But the point of this will be to enable people to help write this blook and check the work - to involve others in this project.

The idea initially is to get a set number of people who subscribe at a low price to prove they are serious about it. Everything I offer (except for free ebooks - once they are all onboard) will be at a price, just as a tracking tool, so that I know those who are participating are actually participating. If you pay for something, it has a bit of a value. And people will take it more seriously.

Were I to make a forum, I'd also set up an email address for each individual, so that I could track who was sending me what as far as improvements. This is also for tracking. In turn, I'd set up another gmail account so that these emails could be re-directed there for administration.

This gets a bit involved, but it should pay off handsomely.

Just some set-ups needed tonight. (Doesn't help that I'm having to babysit my three article submitters which are running.)

Have to get to work on this - blew off too much time today already...

- - - -

Update - looks like a bunch of Article Dashboard directories have been hacked. Mostly the PR0 sites, but some of the others as well. OK, so at least I got my cleaner-upper programs going...

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