Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Buffoonery and Bluster-mongers - the modern DandR parties

The problem with the DNC is that big tent itself. Simply split off the extremists into their "Greenie Peacie" party and let them roll along - means most of these minority bloggers as well.

The only real way the DNC will start carrying elections is to take issues from the Republicans on security and a personal right to make a personal fortune through entrepreneurship.

But as long as they continue to try to hike taxes on business owners, they are still chasing their needed tent-public away.

And their anti-war extremists have a nasty habit of losing wars through retreat, not securing real world peace.

Terrorism could be solved, not by declaring "war" or simply treating it as a law enforcement issue - but the best scene is to popularize the personal rights of all people on this planet to have a choice of what life they want to lead, including being prosperous and raise children to have a better life than they lead.

If that were publicized, promoted through the G-8 and other global economic bodies - and backed up with low-cost seed loans to individuals in repressed countries - you would open up choice and get rid of terrorism's main recruiting concept (that the big guys simply don't care and should be destroyed). Islam has simply been taken over as a political base - something the West doesn't grok very simply. If you start pushing Locke and those philosophers our Founders were reading, you'll get far more international agreement. Any party which starts pushing this idea will get more support and win more elections.

Bottom line: people are fed up with both parties as all they do is tax and spend, or spend and tax (depending which side are you on).

The Republicans took the center in the last two presidential elections. The Dems took the center 2006 by proposing conservative (Blue Dog) candidates to oust those power-abusing incumbants. However, this has lead to splits in this "Big Tent" party - and currently, since they had no real driving plan when they took over - are catching hell for not ending the war and generally not getting anything done (see recent Gallup polls).

This next election is the Dem's to lose. And some are working harder at it than others. It doesn't help that they keep bashing Bush instead of saying what their real, optimistic plan is. And that plan can't simply be "raise taxes on the 'rich'" to provide more benefits for the poor.

Hillarycare failed big, not just because the Republican's held a majority in the House. It was simply flawed - and now there are a lot more talk shows (and Fox News affiliates) which will cover alternative data to any such proposal.

The Dems have to survey the center and then elect centrist candidates. The idea is that you grab all the swing and independent voters and hold onto them, as well as the conservative Dems.

Otherwise, centrist Republicans will hold onto this area and expand it.

(One great, great centrist idea - term limits on all politicians. This holds them accountable and limits the effects of lobbyists.)

The Bulldozer and the Big Tent | TPMCafe: "But bloggers still number only a minority of Democratic voters. To win, the Democrats have to pitch a bigger tent. There will continue to be, if we’re lucky, tussles—even soul strife—within the big tent. There has been ever since 1948, when the Democratic Party basically split in three. (The calamitous split of 1968 was an extension of the earlier breakdown.) The battle is called democracy. The Democrats have no choice but to remain a big-tent party. The Republicans made the mistake of turning themselves into a bulldozer party, but they couldn’t bulldoze reality fast enough to keep from falling into a ditch. Now, if we don’t blow it, there’s a new center of gravity coming into American politics—not a flabby center of splitting differences, not a blah-blah of bipartisanship, but a new story and replenished values."

But read this guy's post. Verbose, but he cares. Good thing he's writing a book. Needs an outlet - like some of the rest of us...

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