Monday, September 10, 2007

Breaking into Radio - Listen and practice, listen and practice

Now, I generally stay away from promo's, as a rule.

This guy has the point of helping people get into radio. And he does this quite well.

My point is that you can do this yourself, with a little help. Of course I'm working to get this help to you through an Online Millionaire Plan book, but you can also pay for his service below.

The idea here is that you actually practice at what you do, while you listen to others do their spiel on air. Then practice through your podcasts and get this up on the web, so you can let others listen to your current quality and also so you can listen to it yourself.

There are some details to actually getting the interview, but try his mailing list and you can get some basics on that as well (until I get the book section up and out - you can be sure I'll be taking notes on what he's talking about in the audio clips he's given).

Wayne Interviews YOU: "An Interview all about You, Your Service, Your Book, Your Business, or anything at all!"

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