Monday, September 10, 2007

Another article directory strategy to get your links

Here's a point I may not have mentioned to get optimal backlinks from your article:

So you post your article. Where first? Your blog. Then Squidoo. Then (and only then) to the article directories.

Now you go back and link your Squidoo page to your blog and vice versa. As you do this, you social tag/bookmark those specific pages.

I've gone over that before.

Here's a way to get additional links and coverage. Go to your list of top 50 article directory and find the few that you regularly post to that are near the top.

Go to those pages as a regular viewer - not your author page. Now, go and tag/bookmark these pages as well. While you're there, link it up through Squidoo (you have installed their toolbar, haven't you?)

This gives you links and cross-links from one to another to another. And that is the point of it all.

The thing to do is to get this up as a habit.

You can always catch up as backlogs. And having a "recent articles" links section on Squidoo for a given article directory (or several) would be great.

Another point is to search for your article on Google (or search engine of choice) and then take the top link and social tag/bookmark and Squidoo that page. Obviously that helps both your lens and your sites - which are linked though all these pages.

Just a point for record and for your use...

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