Sunday, September 09, 2007

Finding your niche for your product.

Just recieved this in my email (you got to love opting-in to all these lists)

"It’s about Specialization and Zeroing-in… You can't be
all things to all people, the new internet business
model that's emerging is niche marketing. It's a
matter of chosing the right niche, following proper
strategies, and serving that niche marketing
successfully – and you’ll see the money really rolling
in ;-)

Along these lines, the quickest and easiest method of
finding a successful business is not to take a product
and go searching for prospects. The quickest and
easiest method of finding success in business is to
first target a specialized market and then find out
what it is that they want.

Take the focus in your mind away from the product and
place it onto the prospect. Instead of saying, 'How
can I find someone to buy my product?' Start asking
yourself, 'What would these people in this niche
market like to buy?'"

However, this is a merchandizer's approach - not the view of someone who just created a great product. To the latter, you have to say, "What niche does my product give a great solution to?" and "How do these people consider products like mine, and what demographics does this niche have?"

Then you are on the road for real...

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