Friday, September 07, 2007

Press Release: Millionaire-Making Online Plan Opened to Only 150 Millionaire-Making Online Plan opened to only 150 Volunteers.

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Dr. Robert C. Worstell

Millionaire-Making Online Plan Opened To Only 150 Volunteers.

150 lucky people can take the chance of a lifetime to help Dr. Robert C. Worstell develop and refine a proven plan which will make it possible for anyone on the planet with an Internet connection to become a millionaire - several times over.

"I've studied hundreds of books, ebooks and MP3's in order to figure out how to market on the Internet and uncovered an interesting fact: people are making themselves rich - millionaires every day on through Internet Marketing," said Dr. Worstell. "I thought it was time we brought this simple data to everyone."

According to Dr. Worstell's three-year study, there are a limited number of simple principles and actions which anyone can use to build their own millionaire empire.

The problem has been that these points have been either locked behined expensive courses and seminars - or disguised under misleading hype.

Dr. Worstell feels that it shouldn't take money to make money - as many millionaires he's studied actually did start from scratch. And the books by these individuals actually lay out the system - but have been buried by the intense amount of misleading books in this same area. He considers that anyone should be able to start with nothing but an Internet connection and become financially independent, if not filthy rich, in just a few years after learning these principles.

"I heard story after story of people spending $10,000 or more to get very simple data that would earn them back 100 times that much - but they couldn't find those data" related Dr. Worstell. "So they had to first dig out of hole to pay off their credit cards before they could make any headway to actually becoming rich. I want to change all that. That's why I need 150 volunteers."

Dr. Worstell has created a blog, where he is posting the entire book as it is finalized. Volunteers may sign up at his website,

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