Friday, September 21, 2007

Meeting an angel in PLR

I've earlier mentioned the horror stories of PLR.

Then you meet a real angel.

Of course you wouldn't know it from looking - if you pass an angel on the street, they pretty much look like anyone else. No, there's no wings, but maybe they smile a bit more than others around them...

PLR Angels are the same. Occasionally, you'll get one of these pieces where it isn't over edited and they've left out all the obnoxious ads. You're left with just what you want - nice material that just needs some polishing.

Now most people don't know how to really get the most out of MS Word. Instead of setting a heading style, the remember what their headings are supposed to look like and manually change their text to look like that every time.

Same for the table of contents. Somehow, they go though and laboriously note down where everything is and then type in a TOC with dots and everything.

Now I cheat. I use OpenOffice, which beats MS Word around the park and back. Set the headings and then assign them. When you make your table of contents, you simply tell the program to compose it from your headings. Voila' - you're done. Updating is just right-clicking and telling it to update it's old self into the new one. And did I say it is able to export right to PDF?

Ok, back to our PLR angels.

When you get a great PLR piece, it already has the graphics made and the whole thing is done right - you barely have to change the formatting and then you can update the TOC and your away. Of course, you add in your copyright data and your ads and links throughout (on every page, if possible).

But the whole thing is made easy to do. I will also put the mock-up graphic on the front page (you know, as the one that looks like how that ebook would if it ever got printed...) - just because it adds more reality to that ebook. Makes me think I got the real deal, even if it's only a download.

These angels are able to be converted into something saleable or a free bonus to represent you and become a viral ambassador. And that's why they're angels - they bless everyone they touch.

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