Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What to watch for - getting out there first, best, and with an affiliate link

Looking around for PLR, found a free ebook from an article writer who I'd been following. Interestingly, he let the ebook get downloaded for free (viral). What this ebook did was to recommend a certain PLR package as an intro.

Little did he say that one can find free PLR products on the web simply by typing in "free PLR products" - and get several hundred megs of this, just on subscribing to a few lists (which you can opt out of, later) but who also give you substantial affiliate commissions.

Like everything else, a little work on the Internet can give you access to all the resources you could want - for little or nothing. (Yes, I gave them a free email address, which has some decent spam filters - but I can throw it away if I really need to.)

And oddly, his ebook was right there under the top links for "free PLR products". Pays to put your articles on certain article directories...

- - - -

An interesting point in reviewing these many files - they contained Internet shortcuts to other PLR product pages. Even the sales pages had links and graphics to related products - without affiliate links. So this is an interesting way to set up ads for other traffic - similar to the way you put ads into the back pages of books, or interspersed through a magazine.

An interesting approach, should you decide to sell these products - and yes, you'd have to get into every zip file to take them out. So it's an interesting marketing phenomenon and way to get your brand out through free giveaways...

- - - -

A caveat: read this stuff completely before you start selling it. Just opened up a few of them and found some of the worst graphic design and formatting I've seen in awhile. At least for some of them, I've got the word file and so can straighten this out in Open Office.

But I'd not foist this off on anyone the way it's been given to me for resale.

Also, those sales pages can state some untrue things ("...and when I paid cash for those six new laptops, I knew then that the strategies in this book worked!")

Now, the interesting point of these PLR books is that you can quote freely from them - of course, this doesn't necessarily help your credibility with all these other PLR owners (and authors) who know where you got the data. Of course, if you're making money hand-over-fist, they've got to respect your marketing finesse...

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