Monday, September 10, 2007

Your media page - that's the address you give them...

When you invite the media to visit, have them come in via their special entrance. Build a traditional page which has all sorts of links to FAQs, a photo, PDF's of interviews, sample MP3 interviews and so on.

This is because they expect to see a regular website - yea, I know, old-fashioned. But that is what you build this section for, just them.

Your regular traffic simply comes in the front and signs up for your mailing list and get some sort of bonus. That's their job.

Your media traffic is a business-to-business type page and they want to be sold on the quality of your work. They can't use a pitch at all. (But of course you are "pitching" them - with their own set of keywords, as follows...)

What the media is looking for is entertainment and education. Something for their listeners.

What they simply want is a straight "what's in it for me?" from their viewpoint. You have to prove that you can quickly give them the data they want which will improve their ratings. That means more listeners and more income from advertisers.

Sure, you link to your books and stuff you do, all your offers, but the main page is simply your media release in very generic terms. But you are proving that you are a great source for information which is entertaining and educational.

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