Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another short cut to settting up your autoresponder messages

Now, having gotten Online Millionaire Plan published (in a couple of forms - isn't POD publishing great?), I then wanted to flesh out and build an autoresponder series for it. Since I have about 765 pages more or less, I then needed to select from these to build a 52-count series of A/R emails to send out.

Now, that's a lot of work. Why? I want them to be just so. They have to be informative, which means long text. I prefer to give a PDF of that lesson/email (the OMP A/R is a newsletter, giving me the excuse to send them mail every week) so they can have it for themselves in their collection and also send it to their friends (goes viral). And I want to be able to edit and test links as I go.

Doing this locally could be done, like on Nvu or some html editor, but it's still a lot of work.

Here's one brainstorm I had. Create a blog and do it there. Now this would be best only if you had a lot of material to begin with and also then wanted to create a large series. Like me and my situation.

Once you have all that data, you can then edit for keywords, dump it to Squidoo lenses, make articles out of it, etc. If you had, say, 1000 words per post (bad for blogging, OK for lenses, semi-OK for articles) you could then export the whole thing as an ecourse. Several such ecourses would then become a book you could send to Amazon... But I diverge.

Simple steps to building a year of autoresponder mailings:

1. Create a new blog on a free host (like Blogger)
2. Build 52 posts from an existing body of text - like a book you just wrote
3. Edit these all so that they have links and ads to your products and your affiliates.
4. Create PDF's for each page, formatted beautifully and as small as possible (build and perfect a template as you go). Make sure it has your opt-in page and all landing pages you want in them - they are going viral, aren't they? Upload these and link to your blog post.
5. Copy/paste these to your A/R. Link your subscription page into your template. You're ready to promote it.
6. NOW, you can have some fun as well. Social bookmark each individual blog post.
7. Make Squidoo lenses out of each blog post.
8. Split up each blog post into articles and article market these. (That's between 100 and 150 articles...)
9. Edit them into about 5 or so ebooks for sale or giveaway (for subscribers)
10. Edit the whole think into a book, publish it via Lulu to Amazon, and tell your subscribers to buy it and make it a best seller.
11. Start getting radio interviews about your new bestsellers. (Meanwhile, you've been putting out press releases, haven't you?)

By about 8 above, you've started with another A/R series. You can even take existing A/R series and post them to a blog in order to make them more user-friendly.

All those blog links go back into your other sites and so on, so this isn't a bad way to build back-links.

Another thing to do is to built your mini-webs for all those master-resale ebooks you have laying around. Of course, you then cross link these smartly to give you top page rank and so on. But you can get all your stuff out that way.

For me, this book is really just the start of a grand adventure in learning everything I need to about online book marketing. Not only are there over 1000 pages of book materials, I've also gotten all sorts of ebooks with complete websites, sales pages, etc. - all ready for branding.

And that would be the key to this book's success - brand extension.

Which is why I'd start out with a 52-week A/R series, since I'd not have to concentrate on selling so much every week, but could simply go along with other work and know that my subscribers are getting good care.

If you really get good at this stuff, consider making the blog private and then selling a subscription to that A/R series. Meaning you get monthly payments from every subscriber for a year...

Something to consider.

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