Sunday, October 21, 2007

A review of article marketing also depends on your server logs to get traffic

I've been submitting between 8 and 10 articles a week to about 80-100 article directories every week for a couple of months now.

The results? As many from (where I've submitted about 5 articles total) as from these other directories where I've submitted around 100 and more articles (no one directory got all of them).

Now, we have some other factors, such as these articles being actually excerpts from books and not written in the current language. I'm also writing to a much smaller niche (law of attraction) than my articles on (which were on article marketing and ecommerce).

Now this list also doesn't include other "top tier" article directories, such as GoArticles. That is a limit of this particular submission program. So I'm trying another tactic this week. 5 articles per day, per product line, only to the top 5 directories.

You may have remembered I was going to try one computer/program submitting to the top 5 and another submitting to as many as possible. Didn't work as I got too busy with the Online Millionaire Plan book - finding that I only had time to babysit one program at a time while I was writing and editing (it's ready for you to download or print, by the way - visit my Lulu bookstore).

Well, that's all done know and so I can now work on putting it all to use. So I have to push all three product lines I have going and get each of these more effective.

One thing I've found out is that people don't particularly like older style of writing. So I may have to introduce each article better, in the article itself. I love this stuff, but apparently I've only got handfuls in these article directories which agree. I'll finish up the work on these excerpts to get them out there, and see if and the other top five agree with those statistics. (I may have to set up another product line for these older articles, if it proves to be a viable niche compared to simply paraphrasing and re-writing these old guys/gals.)

Testing, testing, testing.

Now, you also have to realize that you have to check your autoresponder statistics as well. These don't show who's coming from where - so it's key not to have your opt-in form on anything but your own servers. Link to those pages, but your servers will tell you exactly what the referring site was, what browser was being used, and what other pages that subscriber looked at - all key data for you.

We have some work to do, you and I. Look for some fascinating breakthroughs over the next few weeks. Now that my lines are freed up a bit, I'll be able to test all this stuff out full bore.

- - - -

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