Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Comparing a professional SEO's approach to an Online Millionaire Plan

Here's an interesting rundown Campbell said he would do in his "Action Plan for Clickin' It Rich":

1. Choose your passion or something you know a lot about
2. Do your keyword research and find profitable niches
3. Set up a mininet or direct response sites for affiliate revenue
4. Start recruiting reciprocal linking partners from related sites
5. Submit the sites to as many directories as time permits
6. Use a double opt-in form to collect email addresses
7. Start an autoresponder dialog with subscribers
8. Start a newsletter on same topic as your passion
9. Produce an ebook on the same or similar topic
10. Get an affiliate sales force selling your ebook
11. Write articles for other sites on your topic (good way to get links)
12. Advertise your ebook using search engines and PPC

Not so different from an Online Millionaire Plan, actually - though I say that people are promoting their sites with blogs, Squidoo, social bookmarking and various others.

The main trick that Campbell uses is to take keyword combinations (niche keywords) and then checks to find low-competition sweet-spots, where there are few pages/sites to contend with. Then you use his special mini-web tactics he describes in his other books.

My only disagreement is to use PPC, when I've included so many other ways to promote your site. Ads are getting tuned out more and more - except by that 3 percent of viewers who will click and buy anything offered them.

In the above PDF, Campbell lays out all the tools you need to succeed as he has. And the sequence above tends to prove that the line of logic my Online Millionaire book covers is correct.

More research is to be done, however, the mini-net approach - along with article marketing and ebooks sold by affiliates - will create the income you want and need.

Try it for yourself...

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