Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some vital points to life - and how these fit into online marketing and politics

Several points to making a living online, earning money, having a lifestyle of quality:

- Prosperity: you have to have enough to keep enough food on the table, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head. Anyone needs to be able to make as much and more than they need, and to be able to keep as much of it as possible in reserve for emergencies. Support candidates which work to keep taxes low and make government stick within its own budget instead of asking for/taking more money from you and I.

- Innovation: the key to creating the quality of life you want. And the freedom and encouragement (Yankee ingenuity) to innovate is what has made the American experiment work politically.

- Security: Cities, the countryside, the nation and within its borders, its trade-routes (and its - all these need to be secure. Means someone can't take what you are trading without at least fair exchange for it. Means you can sit out in your backyard (or front room) without being shot at or worse.

- Stimulation/Change/Diversity: People don't like to be bored, and they want minor distractions from their hum-drum lives. Explains why the movie business got going so great during the Depression - as well as Muzak (elevator music). But this isn't diversity like they push "Affirmative Action" on use through our government schools. It is why people like to go to "the lake" or and amusement park on the weekends.

There may well be more than these few (I'll keep "thunking" on it...), but for now, this is quite a bit to work on.

Again, only support candidates and government laws which preserve the above. Vote for the opponent(s) to anyone who doesn't. And be sure to tell the ones who are already elected (whether or not you voted for them) that they had better support these points.

Over to you...

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