Thursday, October 25, 2007

Use Technorati tags to increase your blog pagerank and Squidoo lensrank - just what we all needed...

In an Online Millionaire Plan book, I cover at some length how to get your lens/blog/article all social bookmarked. Generally, I under-described Technorati as they aren't the simplest to use.

This blog post is a beginning on how to get your tagging to this major social bookmarking site.

Affiliate Marketing Coach: Squidoo Marketing Strategies: generate Technorati tags:
"By creating Technorati tags in your blog posts and your Squidoo lens, you are:
1. creating a backlink to a highly ranked site (Google has given Technorati a ranking of 7)
2. generating traffic from Technorati (via the tags)
3. improving the Google ranking of your blog/Squidoo lens."

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