Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting going in Online Marketing at all...

The trick is staying focused, something everyone has trouble with - especially geniuses.

But I wrote a book about Genius - so you'd think I'd not only know something about, but be able to do something about.

Well, guess what - I haven't finished studying that book myself. Sure, reading is easy - editing a bit harder, but study?? No, making something your own takes quite some discipline and setting time aside.

My problem is too much inspiration and having to budget my time all too tightly, making notes of everything with the hope of getting around to it someday.

It's only been since I compiled that book I've been able to refer to myself as "genius" - because I know now where that gift comes from and how anyone, anyone could have it.

So my job is really to race as fast as I possibly can to get all this data out to as many people as possible. It's been there all this time, in all these many ways - but no one has seemed to put it together before this. And it's our Internet Age that has made all this possible.

Sure, I tend to b*tch about having to keep a day job - but that is really just another motivation to get moving faster and be more efficient with all that I am doing. You see, time doesn't wait, it doesn't slow down, despite rumors to the contrary. Doesn't mean it's consistent or that it is even regular. But those are other topics for another time.

I just have to work on what I'm doing when I can. And keep from dissing myself to myself, but keeping on reading and listening to inspirational stuff as much as I can. That just makes me run even faster.

Because it's what lies ahead, not where we've been that counts. It's whats in our dreams and our lives and our hopes that counts for you and me and all of us.

And you see, we are all connected - always have been. So what I do affects you and then also comes back to me. You've heard of it - that Golden Rule. Well, it's not optional. It's been around forever in this universe. And those who really took it to heart became saints and prophets and just good people to be around. Because the ramifications of it are endless. It is actually the way this place is set up.

That's all the big discoveries I've made here and now. Nothing that others haven't said and done before me, long before me.

So my job is to tell as many people as I can and get the world out just as fast as I can.

Why do I charge for things - well, as Earl Nightingale says, the only things we don't value are the things we get for free. And that's why my stuff has prices on it. The only reason. Sure, you can find most of it on the Internet somewhere. But my versions are easier to read and can be found faster. That's the added value.

But the real value comes from you putting it to use. And if you pay for something - if you have to exchange some of your time to get some money and then invest in something you hope will improve your life - at that point, what you just bought has value.

There's the reason for my continuing interest in philosophy. Because these books read differently every time you open them up. You never read the same book twice. If you read it completely, once a week, you'd really get 52 books for the price of one.

But your life is what I'm after - your improved life. Life is priceless. But you got it for free.

So make the most of it. Means you have to help others improve theirs to get the most improvement for yourself.

Just the way it is.


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