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How to learn about 2008 Presidential Candidate election choices? Turn off your TV and radio.

How to get real and useful 2008 Presidential Candidate Election News: Turn off your TV, radio - and quit reading anything but the comics and sports section...

What is the "main-scream media" riveted on these days - what's their aim, slant, and glory?

The 4 C's: Controversy, Cacaphony, Consternation, and Chaos.

You need to be listening to the news like you need (another) hole in your head. Because:
  1. You can't really trust them to give unbiased news (right or left or center).
  2. They are in the business to keep you listening, reading, or viewing so they can make more money selling advertising.
  3. You only make yourself stressed out and sick by filling your life with bad news all the time.
This opinion is the result of all the research I've been doing into self-help books. One of the reasons the world is considered to be in such bad shape is all the negative (and false) press that is being generated.

I could go on and on about the way our media is set up. First, they are in business to sell advertising. Pure and simple. If people won't subscribe to their stories, then they go out of business, since advertisers can't get a return on their investment. So they have to slant their stories in such a fashion that they get people "hooked" on that channel of "news".

And so, we have the shocking, the bizarre, the grotesque - all tabloid stuff - so we as viewers remain "addicted" to this channel of data. So we will get to see those advertisements and the news channel can stay in business another day.

Were the press ever really working in our best interests? Actually, no. The idea of journalistic standards was invented in Academia in order to get Journalism students (yes, colleges and universities are money-making organizations...). But did the press ever listen? No - they were run by business men who had to make a profit for their stockholders.

Is this a bit too cynical? Perhaps. But then again, look at what sells and is really trusted these days. The Bible is the all-time bestselling book - unless you're in an Islamic country and then it's the Koran. What gets the highest ratings on TV? Entertainment shows - amateur singing and dancing. Sports comes up next. Highest rating of all time - final show of MASH, a comedy.

What is the "main-scream press" doing then? God only knows - and He isn't saying.

By surveys, only Congress is trusted less - and they're competing with the President.

It's mostly because they are putting out silly trash that people don't "need to know" and mostly wish the press would keep their mouths shut and their eyes out of someone dying on a street corner because of their own or another driver's stupidity.

But we are wide of the mark for today. Our topic is what the media should be doing about presidential candidates. Below is a Press Release which gives my general views on the subject.

Far more tools about what you can do to insulate yourself from the "main-scream media" can be found in my "Go Thunk Yourself, S'more!" book - which ad follows this release:

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Press Release


Best Way to Choose Your 2008 Presidential Candidate: Turn Off ALL TV and Radio, Successful Self Help Author Claims

MEXICO, MO. Dr. Robert C. Worstell, author and editor of over three dozen self help and personal development books, stated today that if a person is going to honestly evaluate and choose the best candidate, that person should turn off all TV programs, quit listening to the radio, and throw away all the paper except the classifieds, comics, and sports pages. He said that the proof of this is in the underlying system all self help authors use to make their books bestsellers.

In an interview with the Midwest Journal, Dr Worstell claimed that all media gets it wrong - and especially politics.

"You can't trust the media to get anything right. So why are you believing that they are going to tell you anything worthwhile about a candidate?" He said, candidly. "All the media are advertising-supported, right? So they only tell you stuff that makes you want to watch their show or buy their paper. Who advertises in election years? That's right - candidates and their flunkies, the organized groups for one side or the other."

He further reasoned that anything which makes you feel bad isn't good for you. And you only really trust people you can talk to. So his advice is to only talk to your friends about what they think about candidates and then make up your own mind. But if you hear a lot of trash talk, then figure that you're getting bad data that isn't going to do you any good.

"All these bestselling self help authors knew that. That's why Obama does great when he talks in uplifting terms - like Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. When Hillary goes sour, it hurts her." Dr. Worstell explained, "While Harry Truman spoke straight talk from his convictions, it also gave him the worst ratings in history for any president (Coasties don't understand Flyover). Why does America think Congress is screwing things up? Because they are constantly bickering and not getting anything done. Politicians and Politics is just wasting American's time. Tell them to shut up and go buy a nice book or listen to an audio tape. Much better for you."

His approach to self help comes from his rural roots, plus a long hitch in the West Coast. The contradictions in lifestyles forced him to evaluate their approaches to life. Ultimately, he returned to his native Missouri and took up farming while he completed his research. The result of those studies netted him several advanced degrees and ultimately a "Go Thunk Yourself!" book series, which lays out a common sense approach to improving your life. One of the points in his book is to turn off the TV, radio, and ignore the newspapers.

"I do tell people to get the news they need from the Internet, but don't live your life there." Dr. Worstell says, "Get on, get the data you need, and get off. With the various podcatcher programs and newsreaders, you can get condensed format for any vital news you need. But the real news you want is what is happening around you. How is your garden, how are the kids doing in school, how's your spouse doing at the job - you know, that type of thing. The more people live vicariously through the 'main-scream media', the more they have truly lousy lives filled with problems and worries. Just turn all that stuff off and help your kids with their homework. Or take up a hobby the whole family can enjoy. Or play card games with the neighbors. But go out and live some life, for Christ's sake."

The opinionated farmer-doctor lives and operates a working farm near a town called Mexico, Missouri. He says his inspiration comes from those wide open spaces and hard physical work daily.

Dr. Worstell also maintains several blogs, and has written numerous articles and whitepapers. He's posted several videos on YouTube, as well as many podcasts. Two of his books are available on Amazon and other online retailers, while the rest are published through Print-On-Demand Online Publisher Lulu. All of his books are available for download as well through Lulu.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Robert Worstell
15559 Audrain Rd 921
Mexico, Mo. 65265
Phone: 573-581-3003 (daytime is best, Central Time)
email: robertworstell[remove this]

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